This woman thought she was putting on a fake eyelash, and it turned out to be a freakin’ dead fly

Many of us have made simple makeup mistakes at one point or another. Maybe we started to mindlessly put mascara on our lips because the tubes are similarly shaped, or we accidentally put eyeshadow on our cheeks — it all goes with the territory. However, this woman’s wild false eyelash fail surely puts all of our commonplace stories to shame.

Twitter user Molly Robbins took to the internet with a hilarious anecdote after receiving a text from her mom. Her mom was attempting to apply false eyelashes without wearing her glasses, and in the process confused a dead fly for the lashes.

Unfortunately, this brings to mind the disturbing likeness between fake eyelashes and dead flies.

We can never unsee the similarities. Of course, the internet immediately went crazy over the tweet.

The fly is even the right size and shape (we will not stop shuddering). Hopefully, this doesn’t inspire any “flylash” trends — we can never be sure it won’t take off. This makes us feel infinitely better about our makeup faux pas, especially because at one time or another we’ve mistaken our falsies for spiders.

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Also, it’s a great reminder to put on your glasses or contacts before gluing anything to your face.

Besides expertly talking her mom off the “flylash” edge, Molly Robbins’ accomplishments include being a professional chef who makes giant cakes.

So her Twitter is normally full of more appetizing photos.

Which is great, because we’re going to need all the cake photos to unsee that fly.