Woman swallows entire stick of butter at once and we’re impressed and slightly confused

Unless you’re making grandma’s beloved recipe for pound cake, we can’t imagine any other situation that calls for consuming a whole stick of butter in one sitting. Apparently, we need to get out more because there’s a woman who swallowed an entire stick of butter and she did it just because she can.

Thanks to Foodbeast, we can’t stop watching the YouTube video of this lady wolfing down butter like a champion contest eater. Only the food gods know WTF she was thinking or how long it took her to hone this particular, erm, skill, but we’re totally impressed and confused at the same damn time. It’s nowhere near as terrifying as swallowing a ghost pepper, but watching it is pretty scary.

Disregard the awful caption and try to keep your breakfast from making a reappearance:


*throws laptop*


What the actual EFF, internet?! Friends don’t let friends swallow a huge ass block of butter, or so we thought. At this point, our facial expressions are going insane, but our minds have delivered one clear message: Avoid butter for the entire rest of ever.