Woman Steals Piggy Bank from Teen Who Solicited Her For Sex

A 14 year old Prospect Heights, IL boy thought the woman he met online was a prostitute, but she ended up being a thief (and maybe still a prostitute, that info is unclear). The woman, 22 year old Dareka R. Brooks, instead stole his iPad and his piggy bank.

Brooks was charged with armed robbery and held on a $10,000 bond. If convicted she could face 6 to 30 years in prison. The police say the boy arranged to meet her online and pay for sex while his parents weren’t home. When she arrived at his house she told him to go to his bedroom and remove his pants.

The 14 year old was on his bed when Brooks came into his room and sprayed him with pepper spray. She stole the iPad he used to solicit her as well as his piggy bank and left his house.

At some point, either he or his parents must have called the police (can you imagine that phone call?), because Brooks was tracked down a short time later at a motel and arrested after she used the iPad. The piggy bank was recovered.

The police say the boy will not be charged with solicitation, but I am going to bet he will surely be grounded and if I was his parents I would change the Internet password for awhile.

Image via Shutterstock