This woman started a support group for talking about your breakup, because “your friends need a break”

“I had a bad feeling about him to begin with,” or, “see, I told you she was bad news!” are two phrases you may hear over and over again from your close friends after you experience a breakup. Their opinions will remain unchanged, so give your friends a break. According to, one woman started a heartbroken anonymous support group so you can unload your emotions in a safe space, free of judgement and preconceived notions.

Naz Perez has seen her fair share of heartbreak. She was a producer on The Bachelor for two years, if that puts things into perspective. Perez thought it would be awesome if heartbroken people could find solace in other heartbroken people within a comfortable setting.

After helping a neighbor whom she didn’t know that well cope with the end of a 10-year relationship, Perez realized that speaking with a stranger eliminates judgement and the feeling of consequence. Perez said to,

“She said the pain she felt was so, so bad, but also that that she felt safe telling me about it — because we didn’t really know each other. I feel like people surrounding you can be very judgmental, even if they’re trying to be supportive.”

So Perez started Heartbroken Anonymous, a safe setting where one can share their heartbreak and realize they are not alone.

Perez believes that emotional pain is just as bad, if not worse, than physical pain. She stated about Heartbroken Anonymous,

“Obviously we all know that time is the ultimate healer. But if I can help people along the way then and make that time spent healing, you know, less painful, then that can be a really cool thing.”

The first session of Heartbroken Anonymous is happening this week at Open Space LA. There will be lots of floor cushions and comfy rugs to relax and spill emotions on. Perez is planning on having a sharing circle where those experiencing heartbreak can share or simply listen to others.

You don’t have to be heartbroken about romance, either. Perez says heartbreak can happen over the loss of anyone and anything. Every kind of heartbreak is just as valid as romantic heartbreak.

If you’re interested in joining the first Heartbroken Anonymous circle, head over to Open Space LA (457 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles) tonight (May 11th) at 8 p.m. Get vulnerable and get supportive. It’s bound to be a cathartic and amazing experience!

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