This woman found a Spanish poem her late abuela wrote her, and there’s a reason it’s gone viral

There are many, many things that make us cry. Thinking about baby animals, seeing a rainbow, hearing our favorite song, love letters…the list goes on and on! And thanks to 19-year-old Jasmine Dena, we have one more reason to cry. After her grandma passed away in 2011, Jasmine learned that she was a poet. And when she recently found her grandma’s work in Antologia poetica del jerezano absent, which is no longer published, she stumbled upon a big surprise: Her grandma had written a Spanish poem about her.

Cue the waterworks — because we’re already crying. false

Jasmine tweeted about finding her grandma’s poems, racking up over 45,000 retweets and 170,000 likes in less than a week. We see that the poem is named after Jasmine, and although it was originally written in Spanish, Jasmine translates and tweets the piece later on. In an interview with Remezcla, Jasmine says,

“I felt such unconditional love, I wanted to thank her and tell her I love and miss her so so so so much.


As if this story wasn’t sweet enough, Jasmine is trying to make an ebook out of her grandma’s poetry.

She also called her abuelo to tell him about finding the poem. As expected, he was happy and excited.

Considering Jasmine must have been around five when her grandma wrote it, this poem becomes even sweeter. There’s something about a grandparent’s love that is the absolute best; and when it’s immortalized in a poem? Well, that’s just next-level love we’d keep forever and ever.