This woman’s Siri impression is so spot-on, you have to hear it for yourself

Every once in a while, a tweet comes along that completely changes everything. It could be trippy optical illusion, a confusing aural illusion, or a bonkers video of a man running down steps wearing rollerblades. Today’s you-have-to-see-it-for-yourself tweet is a video of a woman impersonating Siri. We know what you’re thinking: Yeah, same. I impersonate Siri all the time. To which we say: Not like this, you don’t. This Siri impression is so spot-on, you have to hear it for yourself.

Did we hype it up too much? Not possible, because it’s that good. No, it’s better than good; it’s absolutely flawless. Feel free to quote us on that.

This pretty much sums up how we’re feeling right now: false

So, who is this insanely talented Siri impersonator?

Her name is Caz, and she’s a rapper and producer from Baltimore. After the original video went viral, she uploaded an explanation video on her own Twitter account explaining her bizarre talent.

“As everybody can see now, I do have a hidden talent: I know how to do voice impersonations, and I know how to do Siri,” Caz said.

In the video, she also addressed people who say she faked the Siri impression or lip-synced it, insisting it’s 100% real. To prove it, she treated us to even more Siri impressions.

Caz’s impressions are truly the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

If she’s in the mood for another follow-up, we’d love to see a video of Caz-as-Siri having a conversation with her own Siri. That would be a trip.

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