This woman singing to some cows like a Disney princess will melt your heart

Disney princesses have many gifts. And perhaps one of their most envious gifts is the ability to speak to animals – particularly through song!


But now, thanks to Swedish artist (and singer) Jonna Jinton, the Disney heroines are not the only ones who can communicate with animals. And to prove it, Jinton just posted this adorable video of her calling over some cows.

In this video, Jinton practices an old Scandinavian herder’s technique called “kulning.” A musical talent she’s demoed before in other videos.

At first, the cows pay no mind of this mystical-looking being.

Then all of a sudden, they’re like, “Oh, what’s up IRL Elsa?”

And they seriously pack in to answer her haunting calls.

Basically, Jonna is IRL Elsa-meets-Merida-Meets-Cinderella-meets-our dreams. And we are totally in awe!

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