This woman shared pics from her “nightmare” airplane experience

You’d probably consider yourself lucky if you had a row entirely to yourself during a long airplane flight. But one unlucky woman ended up having a truly nightmarish airplane experience — despite not having to share her row with anyone else. (But lucky for us, she documented the whole thing).

Basically, Jessie Char, an unsuspecting JetBlue passenger who was just minding her own business, had to share her row with two swollen feet.

"I noticed one of the armrests collapse and so I looked over only to see a foot emerge from the row behind me, Char told People. "It was writhing around on one armrest and there was a significant amount of toe wiggling." That first foot was followed by it's partner soon enough.

What started as a dream —

— ended as a terrible, ghoulish nightmare.

After Char snapped this now-infamous photo of her new arch nemeses, the feet stayed perched upon the armrests until a flight attendant passed by. They returned soon after takeoff.

"I would have said something but I was in literal shock," Char said. "I think I needed another human with me in the moment to reassure me I wasn’t just seeing things."

This almost feels like that episode of the Twilight Zone where William Shatner sees a monster on the wing of the plane but no one believes him. And Char’s flight from Long Beach to San Francisco must have passed through the Twilight Zone, because we can’t find any logical explanation for those feet being there.

And as if looking at the feet just sitting there wasn’t bad enough, “Then she opened the window [shade] with her foot,” Char reported. “And that was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.”

Of course, Char’s tweets about the ordeal have gone viral. She was going to report the feet to a flight attendant, but decided to let the internet bring her justice. Char hopes her tweets “dissuades people from doing it in the future.”

We have the same hope.

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