This woman didn’t hesitate to try and save a stranger’s life because of one thought

Trigger Warning: this article contains information regarding suicide that may be triggering.

We often hear that there is no stronger force than a mother’s love. This proved to be the case for Kate Pierini Debernardi, a mother who saved a stranger’s life. She didn’t hesitate for a second, instead choosing to jump into action when seeing someone else in trouble.

Kate and her son were on their way home from a dinner, waiting for a train to arrive at the BART station. Kate was on her phone when she heard her son yell that someone had jumped onto the train tracks. While most of us would be frozen in fear, unable to take action, Kate didn’t hesitate and ran to the side of the tracks. According to a Facebook post written by Kate, she had only one thing to say:

"Honey, please don't make me be the one to tell your momma. Please take my hand and come back up here."

The sentiment was very important. At the end of the day, whoever the stranger was that jumped on the tracks, it was someone’s son. No matter what was going to happen next, Kate understood that she had to at least try and save his life. No one wants to get the call about their child being hurt — and every mother can relate to not wanting to lose a child.

Luckily, the distraught person on the tracks listened to her and accepted her help back onto the platform, saying "I just need a hug."

It’s amazing that something so small can mean everything.

It’s also so great to see that Kate is getting the outpouring of love she deserves for helping a stranger in need. She posted an update on the responses she’s received after sharing her story:

Basically, Kate Pierini Debernardi is a hero. She saw that the next train was coming and jumped into action. She is an example of why we all should be a little more compassionate.

Go give someone a hug, or ask for one if you need one today! Here’s one from us: