This woman decided to return a sandwich because it wasn’t properly cut

Whether or not you believe that the customer is always right, you have to admit — the customer often makes quirky requests. It can be a little awkward to return food, but we have a suspicion that this one woman from Australia, who returned a sandwich because it wasn’t evenly cut, has no problem speaking up when her order is less than ideal.

Peter Norris, CEO of the Corowa RSL Club, got a good laugh when the incident occurred and even made sure to measure the sandwich for himself. Y’know, probably as research to make sure a similar incident didn’t happen again.

“It was a bingo lady, in her eighties,” Norris said to ABC News. “Kelsey, who works in our cafe, passed it on to our duty manager who passed it on to me.” From there, news of the return has spread and turned into somewhat of a joke among club patrons. Norris even decided to post a photo of the sandwich in question — along with its measurements — on Facebook, in order to get more feedback on the crime. People had mixed opinions. For some, it didn’t look like a big problem. But others, particularly those who often stretch sandwiches into two meals, could see how the error would cause annoyance.

"We laughed at it, but you know, the customer was right," Norris continued.

The club claims that pointing out the sandwich wasn’t meant to embarrass anyone — and in one Facebook comment, clarified that they are “going to continue to let this be what it is, just a bit of fun.”

For the record, the club reportedly remade the sandwich for their guest — and let her cut it to her liking.

Thanks to this return, we may never look at a sandwich the same way again.

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