A woman boarded a United flight to see her dying mother, but she was removed because of a ticketing mistake

There have been a lot of flight issues in the news recently. Like the mother who was kicked off a Spirit Airlines plane for breastfeeding and the United passenger who was dragged off his flight. Now, this latest story is breaking our hearts. On January 16th, a woman named Carrol Amrich was on her way to be with her dying mother in a hospital in Minnesota. She boarded a United plane in Pueblo, Colorado. But after Amrich buckled into her seat, she was told that her ticket was canceled.

Amrich was pulled off the United flight just minutes before departure and ordered to leave the plane. So she started driving the 1,000 miles non-stop to Minnesota. But on the road, she received a heartbreaking phone call. Her mother died.

What happened exactly? Immediately after learning of her mother’s hospitalization, Amrich’s landlord, Ines Prelas, booked her a ticket to Minnesota using Traveler Help Desk. When Amrich’s mother’s condition worsened, they changed the flight via United. Prelas said she was told over the phone that the change would be no problem. But because of the change, the ticket was flagged as potential fraud and canceled just minutes before takeoff.

Amrich explained to the United gate agent that her mother was dying.

But she was told that “nobody flies for free,” The New York Times reports. Prelas attempted to purchase Amrich another ticket from the United gate agent over the phone, but the plane had already left.

“I cried the whole way from Pueblo,” Ms. Amrich told The New York Times two days after her mother died. “I’ve been awake for two days. I haven’t had anything to eat in two days.”

Traveler Help Desk apologized for the cancellation.

“We had no way of knowing this was a change by Ms. Amrich directly with the carrier, said Carolyn Gallant, a Traveler Help Desk customer service supervisor, in an email. “We voided the ticket to protect Ms. Amrich.


We are so sorry for Ms. Amrich’s loss, and we hope this kind of mixup never happens again.

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