Watch this woman lose her mind in the best way at her son’s Christmas surprise

Videos of soldiers coming home for the holidays never fail to make me cry. Honestly. I just can’t handle those emotional homecomings. So. Many. Feelings. You might want to get your tissues ready too, because a brand new military homecoming video has hit YouTube and it’s making us cry all the tears. Probably because when this soldier and his wife came home for Christmas, they brought a little something along with them. Someone, actually.

Donny Goeb, an active duty military officer stationed in Hawaii, originally told his mom, Eva, that he and his wife Miranda wouldn’t be coming home to Indiana for the holidays. It turns out that was a little white lie. Donny and Miranda did come home, and they brought their newborn adoptive daughter with them. Eva was getting ready to head for church when she and her husband heard a knock on the door and BAM she found out she was a grandmother. Again, actually.

Eva already had two grandchildren, but baby Lily is “an answer to prayers.” She told ABC News, “We knew they were going through the adoption process but when we’d ask, Donny would always say, ‘Nope, there’s no news to announce yet’…I was just dumbfounded. I just had a flood of emotions and thoughts going through my head and, as soon as it registered, I just kind of lost it.”

Now we’re losing it, too. Seriously, guys. Eva’s happy tears…the way she literally jumps up and down with excitement…that adorable bow on the baby’s head. It’s just too much. TOO MUCH. I wish I could give everyone a Christmas as happy as this one.

(Image and video via YouTube.)

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