This woman proved with a click of a button just how easy it is to photoshop your body on Instagram


With countless photo editing apps on the market these days, it’s so much easier to alter photos without having to go through the old-school trouble of downloading Photoshop. Aligning these programs with social media gives us the ability to perfectly curate our lives, and our bodies, at our whim.

UK Vlogger Amelia G. wanted to point out just how easy it is to alter photos of our own bodies. According to, Amelia posted a video on her YouTube account called “The TRUTH Behind ‘The Perfect’” where she edits a photo of herself using FaceTune.

With just a few steps, Amelia managed to slim her waist, thighs, and made her boobs larger.


She also posted a “before and after” photo on her Instagram.

The lure of editing our appearance in photos goes against the core message of the body positive movement — that we should be happy the way we are, even if we don’t measure up to society’s archaic ideas of physical beauty. Amelia wants to make a change, so she asked her followers to upload a photo of themselves that is completely untouched, using the hashtag, #JustAsIAm.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a few wobbly bits or a few curves or being a bit thinner, or being a bit bigger or having bigger boobs or smaller boobs, or big bums or little bums or abs or a little bit of a pooch!” Amelia said. “The difference in our bodies is what makes us special, and if we were all the same it would be pretty damn boring.”

We can’t agree enough!