This woman posted a photo of her breast cancer as a warning for everyone

While it may not be an uplifting topic, it is essential that we talk about breast cancer —especially how our close relationship to our bodies can potentially prevent or detect breast cancer. Which is why we’re so grateful to see one woman opening up about her personal experience with this disease, and how she discovered it.

When Kylie Armstrong was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was completely and utterly shocked. It all started when she paid a visit to her doctor and mentioned that her breast looked a bit different. Armstrong then lifted it up and revealed three, barely noticeable dimples underneath her breast.

“I felt no lump,” Armstrong states. “The GP felt no lump.”

Just to be sure that nothing was wrong, Kylie was sent to get a mammogram. However, there were no obvious signs of breast cancer, so she was then asked to undergo an ultrasound – just to be sure.

“The ultrasound found the cancer deep in my breast close to the muscle,” explains Armstrong.

Following these tragic results, Kylie took to Facebook to share her story. Along with a picture of the dimples on her breast, she writes, “Please take a good look at this photo. These 3 very, very subtle DIMPLES on the bottom of this breast are a sign of BREAST CANCER! This is what MY BREAST CANCER looks like.”

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