This is why a fitness blogger posted photos of her 35-pound weight gain

Usually, when people gain weight, they look at it as a negative thing. But there’s a fitness and body-positive blogger who’s relatively new on the Instagram scene — and she’s got something important to say. Rather than be upset at her weight gain, haitianqveeen on Instagram is celebrating the fact that she gained 35 pounds. That’s because she’s living a healthier life than she was when she was a lighter weight, and it’s a message that many people need to hear.

On her blog post about gaining 35 pounds, Tatiana explains how she had a rough year, emotionally, in 2016 and wasn’t eating. She realized how much weight she dropped and how unhealthy she felt. So she decided to purposefully undergo a weight gain in a disciplined and healthy manner. The result?

She’s 35 pounds heavier than she was before and feeling proud of happy about the changes in her body.

As she notes in her post, Tatiana has a fast metabolism that made it difficult for her to gain weight. While many people out there have the opposite problem, if you’re in the same situation as Tatiana, she breaks down what she did to gain weight on her website. That includes eating six, 500-calorie meals a day.

But the main takeaway for us is the fact that Tatiana is now healthier and happier than she was before. There’s a persistent myth that being skinny will make you happy. And while weight loss is good and important for some people to live a better life, the goal should always be: Healthy over skinny. And as Tatiana proves, you can still thrive and love your life if you undergo a weight gain.

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