A woman gave her pet turtle an ultra glam manicure, and we’re booking a nail appointment ASAP

Nothing feels better than a fresh manicure. The pampering, the hand massage, the gorgeous results that keep you wildly gesturing so you can see your nails — it’s one of life’s little pleasures, amiright?

Twitter user @yagirlkeyy_ decided to bless a family member with a fresh coral red mani. Get ready to be hit with major nail envy, courtesy of Kiana’s pet turtle Juanita.

As expected, Juanita and her manicured talons have become an internet sensation with her photo getting over 110,000 likes.


Turtle manicures are a thing, guys and we’re absolutely loving it. After Kiana shared her pic of Juanita’s nails, other turtle owners followed suit.

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We have so many questions! Do you use a top coat? What kind of teeny tiny brush allows for such precision? Can we see Juanita in a French manicure (like it or not they’re making a comeback.)

Good luck NOT buying a turtle this weekend.