How this woman ended up as the only passenger on a commercial 10-hour flight

Remember the scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig’s character tries to sneak her way from economy class into the first class section of an airplane? Of course you do. She is ALL OF US in that scene. I mean, is there anything better than kicking back in style in first class on your way to vacay?

Heads up, guys. There IS something better. Last week, a lucky woman from China experienced the magic of being the only passenger on a commercial flight. The. Only. One. As in, she had the entire economy class section AND first class all to herself.

Can you imagine? She probably walked onto the plane like this…


…then took a look around at all the empty seats and did this…


While there’s no word on whether or not Zhang, the lucky lone traveler, did a happy dance, according to BuzzFeed, she did get to choose whichever seat she wanted and enjoy unlimited in-flight meals. A flight attendant even held an umbrella over her head when she de-planed. And then she was the only passenger on the airport shuttle. (Because of course she was.)

So how did she get so lucky?

It was all a matter of timing. Zhang was traveling from Wuhan to Guangzhou when apparently there was a mass exodus from Guangzhou for Chinese New Year. Her flight had also been delayed for over 10 hours due to a blizzard, so many (ALL) of the other passengers had either cancelled or changed their reservations.

But hey, what’s a ten hour delay when you’ve got the whole plane to yourself? Amirite? #travelgoals

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