Woman Moons Clerk After Being Denied A Refund For A Faulty Phone

First things first: I do not condone vandalism, lewd and lascivious behavior. public indecency or stabbing someone else’s property with a knife. HOWEVER, I am most definitely prone to flying into an internal rage when dealing with incompetent, unhelpful and/or unsympathetic customer service representatives. And yes, I’m sometimes prone to getting crazy angry and, at times, raising my voice. And yes, I understand that most of the time, people are just doing their jobs and following company-outlined procedures. I get it, I do. I’ve worked in customer service and it’s not an easy job. It requires an IMMENSE amount of patience to deal with people who are already pissed off before you even tell them your name and ask how you can help.

Now then. Being all those things as they may, most of my angry, service-related confrontations (from a customer’s perspective) typically end in me throwing my hands up in defeat and just doing whatever I can to move on — because at a certain point, you have to decide which is more important: time or money.

Stephanie from Detroit, however, was not ready to accept defeat when, because it was outside of the return period, a store refused to refund her son $200 for a faulty phone. Stephanie lost it, you guys. She went full-on apesh*t. And again, I’m not condoning the fact that she straight MOONED the in-store rep, but part of me does think it’s kind of great. Have we not all been there?! Have we not all been so angry that we only WISH we could do something SO absurd that it just might make us feel like we won, if even only for a minute? Maybe it’s just me. But I doubt it.

Of course, who knows what actually happened to provoke Stephanie to the point of butt-flashing (and flier-trashing). Maybe she just has a bad temper. Maybe her son broke the phone and she was pissed she couldn’t fix the problem. Maybe the phone was faulty and despite the return period, the store should have made more of an effort to find an agreeable solution. Maybe the clerk was rude. Who knows. There are a thousand different scenarios, but in the end, I’m just glad someone else did it so I now never have to.

[Note: Please take all of this with a grain of salt. But darn it, if you can’t get your money back, a little harmless mooning has got to be the next best thing, amirite?!]

Featured image via Shutterstock