This woman made a huge mistake while ordering her Dominos pizza online, and the results were epic

If you need a good laugh to start your week, we’ve officially got you covered. This mom ordered her Dominos pizza super incorrectly while using their online app, and the results were, well…not ideal. As in, the pepperoni pizza came without cheese OR sauce. That’s right, it was just…pepperoni…on dry bread.

Ohio musician BJ Stead explained to that his mom, Jimmi, is “the smartest woman I know,” but that technology isn’t really her thing. He said that when he goes home, “I end up either fixing a laptop, a WiFi router or figuring out why the Bluetooth speaker won’t connect properly.”

And things really got extreme when mom Jimmi attempted to order a pizza online.

The results basically speak for themselves:


The photo has (of course) gone viral, and according to Us, has over 37,000 likes. Stead went on to tell the magazine that while no one in the family ended up eating this particular pizza fail, their dog thoroughly enjoyed it.

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And as much as we may want to tease this mom (because let’s be honest, this is hilarious), let’s all take a minute to remember that having to add sauce and cheese to a pizza is a little counterintuitive, since most of us generally would assume those are included. So let’s cut her some slack, okay?

Meanwhile, DiGiorno wasted no time getting in on the joke. They sent the family 10 coupons for free pizzas, writing, “The best part? They all have cheese and sauce.” (BURN).

We hope Jimmi and her family eventually found their way to some cheesy pizza…and if they didn’t, at least they’ll always have this story.

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