This woman made a fence peephole for her neighbor’s nosy dog

What we’ve come to understand on this fine day is that dogs have grown tired of being left out of the loop. They have an undying need to know stuff, and no one gets that more than this woman who cut eye and nose holes in her fence so her neighbor’s curious dog could keep track of her backyard happenings.

Prior to having access to this pup-friendly fence peephole, Penny the German Shepherd was just your average nosy dog jumping to see over the fence into her neighbor’s backyard. But thanks to the understanding and generosity of California resident Jennifer Bowman (fence peephole creator extraordinaire), “Peeking Penny” (previously known as “Jumping Penny”) has graduated to a VIP level of dog curiosity wherein they earn the right to relax their hind legs and lurk on the people next door with dignity.

"Got tired of my neighbors German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot," Bowman wrote in the video description. "I think she likes it!"

Seeing Penny’s beady eyes and large snout poking through the perfectly sized circles is possibly the most creepy yet cute thing we’ve ever seen. But coming in at a close second place for creepy-cute is this clip of Jumping Penny before she moved up in the world and landed a personal peephole.

Also, her sideways jumping game is on point, but we guess that’s what happens when you get in a ton of practice.

Unlike human spies, remaining inconspicuous obviously isn’t Penny’s strong suit — or her concern. But as long as she gets her classified doggie info in the simplest way possible, that’s all that matters.