This woman has the longest nails in the world, and she’s been growing them for over 23 years

We’ve been living for the super bizarro beauty news from Guinness World Records lately, as the infamous record book has been dropping awesome tidbits from their upcoming 2018 edition that has us hooked. And now we’re getting more teasers, especially since this woman has the longest nails, and she’s been growing them for over 23 years!

According to a new press release from the Guinness World Records, Houston-based nail artist Ayanna Williams now holds the record for having the longest fingernails on a pair of hands. Her nails are a shocking 18 feet long, and her regimen for growing them out is beyond crazy.


To get her nails this long, Williams has a pretty dedicated regimen she’s been following for the past 23 years. She stays away from washing dishes with antibacterial soap (we knew it!) and uses a nail brush to clean them daily. Then, to keep those nails strong and free of breakage, she regularly uses nail hardener and a thin layer of acrylic. Whoa!

But despite holding an insane world record, she claims that household chores and daily tasks can be a bit challenging. Watching Williams pick up a cup with her nails was pretty mouth-dropping, and we can’t begin to imagine how she drives. However, you can bet that we’re totally stealing some tips from Ayanna’s playbook. I mean, using a nail brush sounds all sorts of fancy.


Now that Guinness World Records book is finally here, you can also read about more insane beauty records we can’t even make up. Seriously guys, the man with the tallest high top fade is best seen to be believed!

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