This woman has the longest eyelashes in the world, and her supposed secret for growing them is even weirder

We aren’t embarrassed to say that weird beauty news is our guilty pleasure, especially anything that comes out of the Guinness World Records. So, of course, you can probably imagine how curious we were to discover that this Chinese woman has the longest eyelashes (we’re talking five inches!) in the world.

Boasting lashes up to five inches long, Jianxia from Shanghai now holds the world record of having the longest eyelashes and is featured in the Guinness World Records 2018 Edition. It took her up to 50 years (she was born in 1968) to get her lashes this long, making us both envious and super curious to know her lash-preserving secret. Seriously — our lashes always seem to fall out whenever we take off our liner and mascara, making us wonder how on Earth she does it!


But the story only gets better from there! According to Guinness World Records, Jianxia credits her long lashes to an 18-month long nature retreat she took back in 2013. Her special relationship with nature supposedly helped her lashes grow super duper long. Like most beauty sleuths, we’re dying to know if there was special water or something on that treat. Hiking never seems to leave us with anything but new breakouts to worry about.


The Guinness World Records 2018 Edition is available now, and we’re very excited to see what other weird beauty records could have possibly been broken. In the meantime, we’re going to hunt the internet for lash-growing retreats. Jianxia could probably make a fortune if she started one herself!

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