Here’s the sweetest note from a woman who just learned the joys of the Internet

Do you remember the person who introduced you to the Internet? Odds are, you just remember always having it around. But one elderly woman who wasn’t acquainted with the World Wide Web was lucky enough to get a crash course from a kind teacher– and her reaction to this sudden wealth of knowledge and information is priceless.

Reddit user Leanentrep was working at a senior center teaching the basics of the Internet, when he/she received a special note from one student. The Reddit user uploaded the letter, as well as the adorable interactions s/he’s had with the woman on to a thread titled, “I started a business teaching seniors how to use computers and the internet. AMA!”

Some of the things the woman learned included learning how to search for music on YouTube (her favorites, according to Metro, are Josh Garbon, Bonnie Tyler, John Oliver, and Disney).

She was also taught how to use Siri on an iPhone, and she learned a very valuable lesson: Sometimes we mean to search for things, and the Internet misunderstands us. In this case, the woman asked Siri for pictures of “Venus,” but was led down a very, very different e-path. “I told my phone I wanted that I wanted to see pictures of Venus and you would be surprised of the pictures it gave me,” the woman said.  Yikes!

To thank the Redditor, the woman sent him/her the most wonderful letter:

It reads:

It makes us super happy that her experience with technology was such a positive one (well, for the most part —lookin’ at you, Venus!), especially since the Internet also has a bad rap for trolls and cyber-bullies. Good for her for being able to navigate the worldwide web with such amazing wonderment.

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