This woman in labor just danced the “Whip/Nae Nae” while waiting to give birth, and it’s just as epic as it sounds

Seeing women go into labor on television and in the movies looks painful. And uncomfortable. And just really not the greatest time (for ME at least!). On the silver screen, a woman’s water always breaks in the grocery store or at a wedding or in a taxi. There is crying. And sweating. And lot of humans instructing to “push!” It’s very intimidating.

But one beautiful lady is changing what labor pains look like in a video of her dancing between contractions. The recording is under two minutes long, and was apparently taken by a nurse, doctor, or midwife that works at the hospital where this woman will give birth. The caption on the YouTube video reads, “I went looking for my patient to see how she was doing with her squatting.” (Apparently squatting can reduce the length of labor.) The caption continues,”This is what I found in between contractions. Get that baby down mommy!”

Unlike every movie I’ve ever seen (I really need to cut back), this incredible woman isn’t gasping and yelling for an epidural. She’s getting down to Silento’s “Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae.” And it’s absolutely amazing!

What a fabulous woman! She is carrying a tiny human being inside of her (a tiny human being about to start thrusting his or her way out!), and she’s still totally killin’ it.

Watch the full video here:

(Images via Giphy, YouTube)