A woman was kicked off a flight because of period pain. Seriously.

Most females over the age of 12 can tell you that period cramps are annoying at best and painful at worst, especially when one has to travel. But should it be the reason you have to disembark an aircraft?

That’s what happened to 24-year-old Beth Evans from Birmingham, Alabama, who was traveling on an Emirates flight to Dubai. After overhearing Evans mention her period pain to her boyfriend, a crew member began quizzing her on how severe her pain was, asking her to rank it on a scale of one to 1o before suggesting she undergo a medical exam.

Evan’s boyfriend, Joshua Moran, told The Sun that Evans was distressed throughout the entire situation, saying, “Beth was in tears and getting upset when the hostess was asking her questions.” Since no doctor was immediately available to conduct a medical check, the airline forced Evans and Moran to leave the plane, a decision Moran would later describe as “madness.”

After hearing the story, one Twitter user expressed her outrage, saying, "not flying with callous Emirates Airlines ever again."

However, a spokeswoman for the airline disputed Evans’ story in an interview with The Sun. “The passenger alerted crew that she was suffering from discomfort and pain and mentioned she was feeling unwell,” the spokeswoman explained. “The captain made the decision to […] offload Miss Evans so she could access medical assistance. We would not have wanted to endanger Miss Evans by delaying medical help had she worsened during the flight.”

While we weren’t there for the incident and therefore don’t know exactly what happened, we have to admit that — at least at this point — it seems the airline majorly overreacted on this one. We hope Beth and Joshua ultimately got to their destination and were able to put this behind them.