This woman transformed herself into a Ken doll, we’re kinda freaked out right now

YouTube has given us many gifts, including (but not limited to) really intensely talented YouTube beauty bloggers. It’s not only great to get the inside scoop on products before we buy them, but we also love the availability of makeup tutorials – whether it’s your average smoky eye, or something more… adventurous. There’s just something so entertaining, weirdly soothing, and totally fascinating about watching somebody transform their face right before your eyes. If you agree with that, then buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a wiiiiiiiild ride.

This is Kandee Johnson normally. Totally gorg, obviously, but also definitely human, which makes her transformation waaaaay unsettling.

Kandee is clearly a makeup guru. Her usual look seems to be killer pink hair and all-around perfect makeup. Nothing too crazy but again, obviously, totally gorg.

She recently shared a YouTube video where she turns herself into a Ken doll, and it’s… it’s… A LOT, okay? We’re overwhelmed by how much it is, honestly. It starts off fairly predictable (except for her wild blue contacts).


As she goes, she starts to look progressively more plastic, which is obviously the idea, but it’s just WILD.


As we’ve learned with the recent ~eyebrows on fleek~ trend, the shape of the eyebrows can seriously change your face. And Kandee’s Ken doll brows definitely transform her into something


The end result, though, is the most mind-blowing. She literally looks like a Ken doll. Like, not a human dressed up as a Ken doll — she looks like an ACTUAL LIFE-SIZED MOVING KEN DOLL.

Check out the full video here, and get ready to be majorly wigged out by this resident of the Uncanny Valley.

Note to self: all those childhood dreams of Barbie dolls coming to life? Yeah, NO….

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