This woman just recreated 100 years of bathing suits using body paint and you’ll watch it over and over

The bathing suit has changed up a lot in the past few decades — like all clothes, they go through trends. One year you might be rocking a cut-out suit, and the next you might be back in a vintage one-piece. What better way to see how swimsuits have evolved than through a fun, time-lapse video?

One woman was up to the challenge, using nothing but body paint (and pasties, because duh) to model bathing suits from 1916 to present day for The completed video is pretty impressive.

The interesting thing? A lot of these swimsuits from the past are still pretty adorable, and wouldn’t be mocked on a beach in 2016. The 1946 suit is especially cute.


And of course, the 1926 suit celebrates bright colors, and very gorgeous headwraps. I’d probably be out of money pretty quickly if those headwraps made a comeback (but seriously, can we make that happen?).


To compare these older suits to 2016 fashion, here’s the recreation of the style that many women are gravitating towards today.


Thus, 2016 will likely be the year known for incredibly intriguing tan lines.

While the video seems fast-paced and flawless, it actually took the team up to an hour and a half to recreate each look. While it was surely a long day, the 3-minute video of all that hard work is definitely worth the effort.

This video is worthy of many rewatches, and makes you wonder: what will our future bathing suits of 2026 look like?

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