This woman just had an existential crisis because of Pokémon Go, and like, we get it

Pokémon Go has started a pretty big and multifaceted conversation lately: depressed and agoraphobic players are leaving the safety of their bedrooms to play outside, complete strangers are befriending one another, and, of course, people are getting robbed and discovering corpses (eeeek). Well, now we can add existential crises to the list of bizarre occurrences fueled by Pokémon Go.

After tons of people started showing up at Kristen Tuff Scott‘s workplace with the sole purpose of catching Pokémon, she decided to download Pokémon Go with the sole purpose of clearing out the area so the visitors would stop. Instead, Kristen found herself hooked, just like the rest of the world. In a video diary posted earlier this week, Kristen shared her existential crisis with the world:

“I feel stupid, I want to catch them, but I feel stupid. This is just not where I saw myself at 27 years old. I got to get it together.”

As of right now, Scott’s video diary has over half a million views. It seems we can all relate with poor Kristen’s plight.

Pokémon Go players, beware: while you’re catching Pokémon, you might just catch yourself some existential crises, as well!

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