This woman just blew every competitive eater out of the water

As someone who’s eating habits resemble those of a bird, competitive eating is endlessly fascinating to me. How is it possible to eat that much food? And in such a short amount of time? The whole thing takes the ‘clean plate club’ to a whole new level. On Sunday, one woman made the average competitive eater look like amateur hour.

Molly Schuyler, a Sacramento native who weighs 120-pounds, decided to take on the Big Texan’s steak challenge, a famed staple in Amarillo, Texas. The meal includes a 72-ounce steak, a baked potato, a salad, shrimp cocktail, and a roll. Pretty darn hearty. But Molly wasn’t looking for easy street, people. Oh no, she wanted to really push herself.

So instead of eating just one steak meal, she ate three. Three, I say! We’re talking 13 pounds of meat, you guys, plus all the sides on top of that. And if that sheer volume wasn’t enough to wow you, she ate it all in less than half an hour. Are you shocked? I’m shocked in a good way.

Molly was also up against teams of two, and they were just working on single meals. They must not have known who they were messing with.

This wasn’t the first time she decimated the 72-ounce steak meal. Last year, she ate two of the meals in just fifteen minutes. This woman is incredible.

“I come in thinking I’m going to fail, but you know if I win it’s a lovely parting gift and that’s cool. I also get free steak so I don’t really lose,” she told News Channel 10.  A woman who conquers a traditionally male competitive field all while enjoying the pleasures of a hearty steak (or 3)? Yeah, that’s pretty impressive.

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