Woman Reunited With Her Missing Dog After Oklahoma Tornado

Do you have a box of tissues close by? If not, please take a minute to run to the bathroom/kitchen and grab a wad of toilet paper/paper towels for the purpose of drying your eyes after viewing this video. And yes, you definitely need a good cry today, so don’t try to get out of this one. Send it to all of your coworkers so you don’t feel so alone with your tears (and also so you can tell who is and is not a feelingless monster). Besides, the tears will be tears of joy!

The tornado that ravaged Oklahoma yesterday is said to have reached historic proportions. The death toll continues to teeter as rescue workers move through the rubble, but one news station caught an incredible moment of survival live on-camera.

Barbara Garcia, in front of the rubble where her house once stood, spoke to reporters about what it was like when the tornado hit. Sticking to her years-old emergency plan, Barbara sat in the bathroom on a stool with her dog in her lap. The lights all went out as the twister struck, and Barbara, who managed to stay conscious throughout, was left living. Her dog, she thought, was not so lucky as he was ripped out of her arms and neglected to respond to her calls.

As if on cue, the reporter interviewing Barbara spotted a dog under debri — Just feet from where they were speaking. It was Barbara’s dog, alive and struggling to get out of the rubble and into the arms of its owner.

Here’s how you can help those devastated by the tornado in Oklahoma.