This woman looks like an IRL Princess Jasmine, the internet is understandably freaking out

Get ready to have your childhood dreams come true because this woman looks exactly like a real-life Princess Jasmine — meaning our world is melding with Disney’s cartoon universe and we’ll soon be living in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit?-esque reality.

OK, OK so maybe we’re being a tad dramatic, but once you see this photo of model Olayinka Mia Noel in her Aladdin-themed Halloween costume, you may question everything you once thought to be true (like everyone else on the internet rn who has seen this photo of Noel).

Are you ready to have this parallel universe experience? Because it’s happening…

We’ll give you a minute to process that before we share a full-length photo of Noel in her Halloween costume.

Is the resemblance not mind-blowing?

Unsurprisingly, people on the internet are freaking out over this IRL Princess Jasmine.

On Twitter, people showered Noel with compliments, calling her a “winner” and saying that she “nailed it.”

And she was definitely feeling the love on Instagram, too.






The model and member of XSO — an R&B girl group that’s giving us serious Aaliyah-meets-TLC vibes, so you should def check them out — completely owned Halloween in her Jasmine costume. From the hairstyle (which she said “took [her] forever” to recreate but was “well worth the effort”) to the satin costume, Noel is a dead ringer for her Disney inspiration.

And if you feared Jasmine was left without an Aladdin on All Hallow’s Eve, allow us to calm you. Noel and her boo performed a snippet of “A Whole New World” while out at Six Flags in Georgia, looking as in-love as their movie counterparts.


We’d just like to offer one final thought on Noel’s costume: SLAY, queen.

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