This woman lists every single thought she has about her stretch marks — but it’s not how it seems

The body-positive movement is all about embracing your body as is, but sharing your deepest, darkest thoughts about your body doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the program. However, Kenzie Brenna is helping others by sharing on Instagram what she thinks about when she looks at her own stretch marks.

Brenna has been outspoken about body-positive subjects like loose skin and the evils of Photoshop on your self-image. Recently, she posted a photo of the stretch marks on her stomach with the message:

"Here are my thoughts when I look at my least favourite part of my body."

She told Glamour, “I shared my inner monologue because I’ve always been scared of it.” So here’s some of Brenna’s inner monologue

Thoughts totally are scary, but there’s actually nothing to fear since it’s all in your mind. To help you calm your inner monologue next time you’re being hypercritical of your own body, here’s some of Brenna’s inner monologue about her stretch marks:

"They're not usually this noticeable." "If you only had the money to get rid on [sic] them." "They actually look kinda cool." "Would I erase my story to not have these?"

Then, Brenna gets into the hard questions — where you know the answers should be “No,” but your self-image sometimes fights the logical answer:

"Does this affect the quality of who I am?" "Would it make you a better person if you got rid of these marks?" "Would it make you kinder, more generous and a better lover if you had the money to erase them?"

The whole message of the second part of Brenna’s post is: NO, changing a superficial thing you don’t like about yourself won’t change your core being.

So next time you’re overanalyzing every perceived flaw of your body, remember Brenna’s inner monologue and know that you’re not alone and that you’re perfect just as you are.

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