This insanely stretchy yogi can pose in the shape of every animal

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, we’ve got all the yoga inspiration you need for today, and you’re going to be obsessed. This insanely stretchy woman has yoga poses that represent every animal, and her skills go way beyond a simple cat-cow pose.

Brussels-based yoga teacher Lindell Nuyttens is mega bendy on Instagram, which is super inspiring as is.

But instead of your standard yoga poses, she’s created poses to represent pretty much every animal, and some of them are truly bonkers. She’s been practicing yoga for most of her life, and started creating these animal poses after the birth of her second child seven years ago. You will be awe-inspired when you see what she can do.

There’s the horse pose.

Here’s the rabbit pose.

And the camel pose.

And the lizard pose.

Or the frog pose…ribbit, ribbit.

We’re pretty much stunned by the scorpion pose.

She had a bit of assistance for the supported fish pose.

But she’s practically airborne in the crane pose.

There’s the beachside spider pose.

And the totally graceful and elegant firefly.

But we’re pretty partial to the tortoise, if we’re being honest.

And we literally don’t know how, but she’s rocking this puppy pose.

Nuyttens seemingly defies the laws of physics, and we are truly inspired by her artistry and flexibility. So grab a yoga mat and give ’em a try…all we ask is that you are super careful — these poses are not easy, by any stretch of the imagination…see what we did there?

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