This woman had a 13-pound baby via natural birth, and ye gods, we’re impressed

We are still truly amazed by the human body on a daily basis. And we just heard that an Australian woman welcomed a 13 pound baby boy, and she gave birth to him naturally (aka with zero pain killers).

Yup, Natasha Corrigan was shocked herself, because her first two daughters were seven and eight pounds, and doctors had anticipated this baby would be about 11. Apparently, this birth was the hot topic of conversation around the hospital.

"It was one of the most exhilarating and scariest moment of my life, Corrigan told People. "I’m fortunate my husband and sister where there — they played a huge role in keeping me calm and listening to the doctors. The power of positive thinking is real!"

The good news is that both Corrigan and her son, who she named Brian, are doing well post-birth. According to the Herald Sun, he’s actually one of the biggest babies to be born in Australia — because 6-9 pounds is average — so he’s already hit a milestone in his short life!

Here’s the “little” guy on the left.

He’s now three months old, and at the “top percentile” for his size. Corrigan shared that he lost weight after birth, so he’s now just over 15 pounds. “He is doing great — he is a very happy and healthy baby,” she shared with People. Not only are we impressed with the sheer physics of this, but we love Corrigan’s positive attitude.

We wish her and baby Brian all the very best (along with her husband, who is also named Brian). He’s a pretty adorable baby, and what a way to enter the world. Sending all the good vibes!