This woman just lived out our dream of finding a huge, awesome diamond on the ground

It’s always fun to find a dollar bill on the ground, but real talk, imagine finding a 3.69-carat white diamond on the ground, now we’re talking next-level fun.

That’s exactly what happened to Susie Clark of Sharp County, Arkansas, who’s been making headlines for the discovery of the aforementioned tear-shaped diamond in Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park.

As Arkansas Matters reports, Clark was digging around (as one does in a park named “Crater of Diamonds”), when she found the gem sticking out of a furrowed ridge of the field in which she was digging.

When you find a diamond you get to NAME that diamond, and because Clark found the diamond after sending up a prayer to the heavens on her last day in the park, she’s naming her diamond “The Hallelujah Diamond.” At this time, she plans on keeping the gem, natch.

Of course, Clark isn’t the only person to have found a diamond in these fields because, hello, it’s called Crater of Diamonds State Park. About 75,000 diamonds have been found since 1906. In fact, the Hallelujah Diamond is the 122nd diamond found in the park this year.

You guys, we’ve totally found our next road trip destination.