This woman forgot to reapply sunscreen, and you’ll want to slather SPF all over your body after seeing her photos

Are you sitting down right now? Do you have water nearby, and possibly a small bowl to throw up in? If not, we suggest you supply yourself with these accommodations, because what’s coming will throw your stomach on a wild ride.

A U.K.-based woman forgot to reapply sunscreen during an ultra-marathon, where she ran 69 miles in 21 hours, and the viral Twitter pictures of her sun blisters tell a gruesome tale about why you should reapply sunscreen no matter what.

Understandably, the runner, Julie Nisbet, was more than a little bit preoccupied with her impressive running feats, and only remembered to apply her SPF 30 twice throughout the marathon. Unfortunately for her, it resulted in not only a burn but blisters so bad she had to be bandaged at intensive care at the end of the marathon.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that you should proceed through these photos with caution.

They’re really graphic, and we can only imagine how much physical pain Nisbet was in.

The day after the marathon, her blisters had become so badly inflamed that she returned to intensive care.

This is gruesome proof that putting on sunscreen once or twice a day isn’t enough. At least, not if you’re going to be out in the sun all day.

Nisbet said this whole experience reminded her how much care our bodies need.

Plus, applying sunscreen takes so little time and effort compared to the repercussions of sunburns, sun poisoning, and increased risk of skin cancer.

We hope this reminds you to lather up generously, and then reapply as the day goes on.