This woman had the most epic response to a guy who tried to pressure her into a “sexy role play”

Sometimes, creepers gonna creep — okay, more like a lot of the time. Which is why we’re literally cheering over how one woman handled a creep who begged her to “sexy” text role play for weeks — despite her obvious lack of interest. His opening lines were pretty silly, and the girl — who goes by the name TheOwlAndTheFinch on Reddit — didn’t even know him that well; she met him on Steam while they were playing a video game.

So after the guy’s incessant nagging, TheOwlAndTheFinch finally agreed to role play…but completely on her own (hilarious) terms and in no way what the dude was probably expecting. And lucky for us, she posted a screenshot of their text conversation, which we will henceforth cherish forever.


She’s onto something…


And this last part seals the deal.


LOL FOREVER. We are 100% obsessed with how she took control of this situation.

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In a subsequent Facebook post, TheOwlAndTheFinch shared how this guy still tries to text her and encourage role playing! But she has a system.


A few other people replied to this thread saying they’d come across the same guy. “He was pushy about starting a role play,” Facebook user Fresh2DeathGirrrl posted. “He asked what kind of panties I would wear dancing (at a popular Portland establishment) so he could integrate them into the story. I told him chastity belt and would only argue about the virtues of waiting until marriage until he left me alone.” SNAP!

This is exactly what we needed to star off our week. Thanks, internet.