What happened when one woman dyed her dogs to look like panda bears

I’m pretty sure the phrase “I literally can’t even” was invented for moments when you see something like this:

And you literally can’t even handle it.

You’re looking at the “Panda Chows,” three chows in Singapore who’s owner dyed them to look like panda bears. For an undisclosed price, you can take your picture with these adorable little guys.

To be fair, everything is not coming up bamboo shoots and sugar cane for these precious doggie pandas. Many animal rights groups are upset about the makeover, claiming dying the dogs could be dangerous for them. And the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society has even begun a petition to make sure this doesn’t become a common practice.

While of course the health and safety of the dogs is the most important thing, it does seem like the owners are doing their best to love and take care of these little dyed cherubs.  

Despite the backlash, the panda chows are becoming extremely popular in Singapore, with people clamoring to get pictures whenever they can.

As far as we can see, they seem to be enjoying every minute of their panda celebrity. And they’re living it up, as they should, in the lap of luxury.