This woman dressed up as a Fenty Beauty foundation, because it is that damn magical

Beauty lovers everywhere have fallen under the spell of Fenty Beauty’s products — they’re transformative, gorgeous, and have empowered a huge portion of women who felt underrepresented in the beauty industry, if that’s not magical then we don’t know what is. So we can’t think of a better homage to this truly revolutionary beauty brand than the woman who dressed up as Fenty Beauty Foundation as her Halloween Costume last night.

Fenty Beauty landed itself in icon status pretty much overnight, and we’re actually a bit surprised we didn’t see more of these hilarious and touching costumes. The brand has quickly come to mean so much to so many people, it’s no wonder it made it onto someone’s Halloween Costume list. And it helps that the woman who stepped out looking like the foundation bottle caught Rihanna’s eye.

She got that font right down to the last detail. Now our only question is, is there any chance she can make a few of those for us? Because we would definitely pay money for this awesome costume. Rihanna shared a picture on Insta of this creative and delightful woman and it’s instantly on our list for future costumes.

Who could have thought that dressing up as the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation in 450 would be so picture perfect.

Isn’t it perfection?

And now it’s got us thinking of all the different ways we could be Fenty Beauty products for next Halloween. Luckily, there are still 364 days to figure it out. How amazing would it be to cover yourself head to toe in gold glimmer and go as Killawat Highlighter in Trophy Wife? We call dibs.

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