This pic of a woman and dog with heterochromia is reminding the internet that differences are beautiful

ICYMI, there’s nothing we love to do year round — but especially during the holidays — more than look at pictures of dogs.

But when we did our normal Reddit rounds for the best photos of pups this morning, we saw something trending that took even the most canine-obsessed among us by surprise: a gorgeous photo of a dog and a human woman with heterochromia, a differentiation of the irises caused by excess or lack of melanin.

AKA, they have two different color eyes. Like Mila Kunis, so they’re in good company.

A quick search for the woman and pupper behind the photo led us to both the woman, a Canadian artist named Martina who takes stunning Insta photos with the username enchanted.forest, and the pup, a Siberian Husky named Jasper who is seemingly her BFF. Heterochromia is super common in Siberian Huskies, although thankfully, it does not affect their ability to see.

Heterochromia is less common in humans, however, which is why it makes sense that Martina’s part of the photo is all thanks to the magic of editing — something some Reddit and Instagram commenters have given her heat for, but ugh, we guess that’s what the internet is for. Meanwhile, we’re just over here excited about the fact that a photo celebrating the beauty of our differences made it to the top of Reddit.