This woman just proved that Disney isn’t ALWAYS the happiest place on earth

Ah, Disney World: the happiest place on earth. There are parades, Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks and oversized characters ready to pose with us at the drop of a hat. One of the main attractions, of course, are the rides. Sure, you have to wait in line for what seems like forever sometimes, but the thrilling rollercoaster rush is always worth it.

So is the souvenir photo that’s snapped of you during the ride. You know the one—it’s always taken just after the most insane part of the coaster, so you’re guaranteed to be screaming with joy, gripping the bar in a wild terror, or some mix of the two. And we think we’ve found the most incredible souvenir pic ever.

Imgur user Blackthorne519 posted a photo of his wife riding Splash Mountain, and it’s epically hilarious. Most everyone around her is open-mouthed and holding onto their cars for dear life. But now Blackthorne519’s wife. Oh, no. Her arms are crossed and she’s deadpanning to the camera, all by her lonesome in her little log row.

Clearly she had a bone to pick with him for making her ride alone. Why wouldn’t he join her? “It was at the end of a long day, with our baby son in tow (and my in-laws along with us for the fun) and I was tired,” Blackthorne519 explained.

We love this because this woman clearly knew exactly what she was doing. It’s perfectly timed. She waited for just the right moment and seized it, producing a funny pic that screams I dare you to ask me how Splash Mountain was without you.

“She’s normally very lovely!” he continued. “This picture just cracked me up!”

It’s only a matter of days until Splash Mountain Wife becomes a viral meme. Soon, she’ll be popping up in the background of pics, photobombing scenarios with her deadpan stare.

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