This all-woman comedy group made a ‘West Side Story’ parody about periods and it’s so real

For those of us that get periods, that time of the month could feel like the end of the world. All the cramping, bloating, mood swings, fatigue… honestly, it’s kinda amazing that we go through this every month and are not worshipped. That’s why the NYC comedy duo, Jesenia and Jenni Ruiza, that make up Comedy High Productions, created a West Side Story parody on the real life struggle of getting your period. And omg it’s so real, y’all.


Ruiza told HelloGiggles that Jesenia wrote the parody all the way back in 2010, but the duo didn’t film it until recently. (Getting your period is timeless tbh.) She explained,  “Jesenia wrote this parody back when her off-Broadway sketch show, ‘Ay Que Funny’ was running. The concept was to fuse “West Side Story” with a realistic view on what a woman goes through when she gets her period – in a really fun, in-your-face way.”

She continued, “Besides, whenever you get your period and feel HAPPY, EVIlL, and SAD simultaneously, you can post this or share with your boyfriend so they understand your pain.”

For real, maybe this video can finally help those that don’t get periods understand our struggle. To this date, it’s Ruiza’s favorite songs to perform. “Jesenia is really great at writing these parodies that take some of your favorite musicals and turn them into things that affect us every day!” Watch the full video below!

We literally couldn’t relate more.