This woman enjoying her Chewbacca mask is the funniest thing we’ve seen all week

Sometimes we need a good reminder to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Luckily for all of us, a woman named Candace Payne has just created an absolutely hilarious and totally charming video where she shows us just how much joy can come from something as simple as a Chewbacca mask.

Candace had just gone on an innocent shopping spree to Kohl’s when she decided to stream a live Facebook video about something she found at the store. She builds her newfound treasure up with such excitement and enthusiasm that you honestly cannot wait to see what the reveal is. When she finally does not only show what it is, but shows how it works by putting it on… it’s magic.


Candace found (and immediately purchased, like any good Star Wars fan would) a Chewbacca mask that makes Chewbacca sounds when you wear it and open your mouth. While that is pretty spectacular by itself, there’s nothing that can prepare you for the next several minutes of ecstatic laughter she’s overcome with because she LOVES. THIS. MASK.

She is so tickled by the sounds and silliness of it, that she can’t stop laughing. And because she can’t stop laughing, the mask keeps making Chewy sounds. Those sounds only make her laugh more and we all get to revel in this absolutely infectious LOL cycle for a while.


While we understand that she has a life she has to get back to that doesn’t involve just staring at us and laughing with a Chewbacca mask, we still wish this could go on for hours.

When she finally does take off the mask, her eyes (like ours) are teared up from laughing so hard.


TBH, we think Candace should get a whole collection of these amazing Star Wars character masks and share hours of footage of her wearing and enjoying them. Because watching this woman enjoy this mask is, by far, some of the most fun we’ve had on the internet in a long time.

Prepare yourself to be transported to a galaxy far, far away that’s filled with pure laughter and bliss as you watch (and enjoy) the full video.

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