Watch this woman peel off a charcoal mask, feel her pain through your screen

At best, peeling off a charcoal mask can be fun, but there are times when it can be downright painful. One woman posted a 15-minute video on YouTube to prove that you’re not the only one who has ever had trouble taking off a charcoal mask. You won’t be able to watch the thing from start to finish without laughing your head off, even though the poor woman is clearly in pain.

Her name is Tiff, and the video’s name is “Tiff’s Charcoal Mask Fail.” When the video starts, Tiff has already been wearing the mask for a little while, so she begins by peeling it off on the chin. However, it turns out to be much, much more painful than she expected. “Apparently I got a lot of hair down there on the chin,” she says. Girl, we feel you.

Tiff tries her best to peel off the charcoal mask slowly, but it just hurts more and more as she moves further up her face. At one point she hilariously asks, “What’s that noise?! Something’s ripping.” Throughout the whole ordeal she does her best to keep a positive attitude and a sharp sense of humor.

“Holy crap, I am really regretting this,” Tiff says as she peels the mask off around her mouth. It becomes so unpleasant to endure that she asks her friend to help her rip it off, saying, “I’m going to hate you, I want you to know.” Even with the assistance, though, it becomes nearly too much to handle.

About six minutes into the video, Tiff has to put her head in her hands and take a break. "I need to stall for a minute. It's rough. So rough. Can I just wash it?!" she asks.

We are right there with you, Tiff. If only it looked as easy as it does on makeup artists’ Instagram posts. Finally, just to put her out of her misery, Tiff’s friend uses her Jedi-like reflexes to quickly rip the rest of the mask off in one fell swoop. Tiff lets out a shrilling scream that is soon followed by relief.

“Is my cheek still there?! Is everything still there?!” Tiff wonders. Other than some dead skin and maybe a few hairs, Tiff is happy to learn that her face is still intact.


In case you’re wondering what kind of mask Tiff used, it’s Deep Cleaning Black Mask by Shills Natural Science, and you can buy it on Amazon. We doubt she would leave a glowing review if she was asked to.

At the very end, Tiff’s exact instructions were to share the video with your friends so you can give them a good laugh. We’re happy she was such a good sport about it all.

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