These siblings crowdsourced a deck called “The Woman Card(s)” because this idea is genius

A lot of us feel outraged by some of the comments that politicians make. Not all of us, though, have the brains and the talent to do something about it.

Meet siblings Zach and Zebby Wahls, author and artist, respectively, who decided to channel their anger into something constructive after Donald Trump accused presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card” during her campaign. Zebby, a soon-to-be grad of University of Iowa with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting with an emphasis on illustration, mocked up just what she thought these woman cards would look like. On April 28th, her older brother Zach posted the idea for The Woman Card[s] on Kickstarter. After three hours, it was fully funded— and we can see why.

HelloGiggles spoke with Zach Wahls (who made headlines in 2011, when, as a 19-year-old, he spoke to the Iowa state government about his lesbian parents in opposition of abolishing gay marriage in the state) about their brilliant idea. “First and foremost we wanted a deck of cards that represented the women who have changed our country even though the deck was stacked against them,” Zach told us.


“We’ve heard this phrase ‘the woman card’ so many times and if Donald Trump is the nominee we’re going to hear it a lot more between now and November,” he continued. “I think it’s really important that we disarm that phrase and that we celebrate the accomplishments of women who have had ‘the woman card’ played against them.”

The full deck for “The Woman Card(s),” which will ship to those who pledge at least $15 sometime in July, features 13 important women from history:

  • Hillary Clinton as the Ace
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the King
  • Beyoncé as Queen
  • Clara Barton as the Jack
  • Sylvia Rivera as 10
  • Amelia Earhart as 9
  • Harriet Tubman as 8
  • Mary Cassatt as 7
  • Susan B. Anthony as 6
  • Wilma Rudolph as 5
  • Rosa Parks as 4
  • Ida B. Wells as 3
  • Dr. Sally Ride as 2.

As for the Jokers? “We haven’t decided on the Jokers yet,” Zach said. “We’re leaning towards Betty White and Margaret Cho, but we haven’t made a final decision.”


Perks for donating to “The Woman Card(s)” include signed thank you notes ($25), full sized prints ($100-$500), and original portraits ($1,000) and that’s not all. Thanks to the success of the initial campaign, the siblings are already hard at work on the next edition.

“We’ve received over 150 suggestions from people,” Zach told HelloGiggles, pointing people with ideas to email them at [email protected]. The siblings are looking into exploring different fields, like arts, athletics, and science, as well as a stack dedicated solely to international women.

The best part about this process? Other than lifting up underrepresented women in politics and culture, Zach told us, is the privilege of working with his talented sister. You can see more of Zebby’s awesome art over here, and check out Zach’s website here to see all the other amazing things these siblings are doing!