This woman got bullied and harassed for wearing a tight dress to a wedding

A radio station in New Zealand recently posted a photo to its Facebook page of a woman who wore a body con dress to a wedding. Apparently, the woman found herself on the receiving end of some really awful and downright abusive treatment by guests who felt her attire was inappropriate. The radio station said the woman in the photo was a friend, and she was eager to know if readers felt she’d brought on the bad behavior herself by choosing to wear the dress.

The caption to the post reads:

Our thoughts? Well for starters, we’re horrified that people think this type of bullying is acceptable. Also, it’s never accurate to say that someone is asking to be treated in a degrading manner by dressing a certain way. This is a hallmark of rape culture, and it’s not okay.

Shortly after the Facebook post went viral, the woman in the photo identified herself on social media. Liz Krueger, a fitness coach, posted the same picture to Instagram without her face obscured. Her post confirmed that she’d indeed been bullied and harassed at her friend’s wedding.

She captioned the post:

Let’s be clear. This kind of behavior is wrong. It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing. Every living human deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, no matter what type of clothing they choose to put on their body.

We’re in awe of Krueger for having a positive attitude in the face of such cruel treatment. She’s even started her own hashtag to encourage kindness and compassion.

Her recent Insta post about #KreugerKindness is captioned:

Props to Liz Krueger for taking a terrible experience and using it for good!

*clapping hands emojis forever*

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