We can’t stop watching this video of a woman building an entire Mini McDonald’s

For some reason, miniature food is a big thing on Instagram. One person on Instagram called WendyMiniCity makes entire miniature meals. We’re talking Polly Pockets sized. And we’re talking REAL FOOD. Cooked on a real miniature stove.

We cannot explain why this is so fascinating to watch, or so drool-inducing.

The best way, we think, to explain this phenomenon is to detail the steps she takes to create this Mini McDonalds Meal. Just, behold:

1. Slice a tiny potato into spears, and places them into a tiny cup of water.

How does one find such a small potato? Did one whittle it from a regular-sized potato?

2. Add some salt. Place the spears on a miniature paper towel to dry.

Follow along:

3. Fry them in a small, hot pot of oil.

How did one heat the teeny pot of oil?

4. Light the stove pilot. (OHHHH…side note…the small kitchen that you’re using should actually WORK.)

How does one run gas into such a small kitchen?

5. Place some tiny buns in a pan and toasts them.

See original question, but replace “potato” with “bun.”

6. Grill a teensy slice of steak in a heated pan. Add a 1/4-inch piece of cheese.

Check out her Mini In-N-Out.

7. Meanwhile, dress the tiny buns with tiny dots of condiments like ketchup and mustard.

9. Add some microscopic sliced onions and some miniscule slices of pickles.

See original question, but replace “potato” with “pickle.”

10. Wrap the burger in branded paper wrapping.

11. Using tiny tongs, place the French Fries into a branded French Fry box.

Mini Lunchables, OMG!!

12. Place the burger and fries into a branded, toy-sized Happy Meal box, along with an actual minuscule toy.

See original question, but replace “potato” with “toy.”

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