This woman applied a blackhead mask on her entire body, and the peeling-off process was brutal

For many people, one of life’s primary missions is to have the healthiest, most glowing skin possible, and we can totally get behind that. But sometimes, the pursuit of perfect skin can drive one to employ extreme measures, like this woman who applied a blackhead mask over her entire body.

As Allure reports, this isn’t a case of widespread blackhead breakouts or someone trying to cut back on the number of skincare products they own. It’s actually part of a full-body blackhead peel-off mask challenge, because what the world needs is yet another pain-inducing challenge.

Stepping up to the plate for the full body peel is vlogger Nicole Skyes, who performed the challenge back in February. Prior to applying the mask, she shaved her body (with the exception of her head). Then she dressed in a crop top and shorts and covered her back, limbs and stomach with the mask.  Afterwards, Skyes blow dries the mask and leaves it on her skin. FOR TWO HOURS.

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Then she proceeded to rip it off piece by piece because…we don’t know. Just be prepared to cringe and squirm your way through watching Skyes basically torture herself by trying (and failing) to peel this mask off.

Ugh, that was absolutely gruesome. Srsly, who wants to feel like they’re “getting scratched by 10,000 cats” and suffer from reddened, raw skin all in the name of beauty? NOT US. Exfoliated skin should never come at such a high cost.

Needless to say, we definitely plan on passing on this challenge.