This awesome woman’s bikini pic is going viral for all the right reasons

Two years ago, Reddit user NotWhatYouPlanted posted the following photo accompanied by the caption “I know selfies aren’t ok, but I am so proud that I finally felt confident enough to wear a bikini instead of hiding my scar.”

The picture has since resurfaced, and as we say goodbye to summer, the internet is getting its body-positivity on, and praising this woman for loving her body and embracing her scar.

As reports, this woman has previously explained on Reddit the history behind her scar(s):

“Thanks for all your kind words! Since many are asking, the scar is a result of 4 open-heart surgeries. I also have another big one that goes sideways across my ribs and reaches around to my back. There are also smaller scars from chest tubes, etc. You can see 1 in the photo.”

Reddit is not widely known for being the most body-positive (or, let’s be real, the most just-plain-regular positive) of internet communities, so it’s a beautiful thing to see so many kind and supportive people represent in the comments.

“Scar? All I see is smile,” one user wrote. Another commented ” i like scars, they show that you are a survivor and a badass.” Yet another user had some sage words of advice: “You’re a survivor wear it with pride.”

We love how the internet has reminded this lady that her scar shows that she has won her battles and lived to tell the tale. It’s a symbol of strength and victory, and should be worn with all the pride. Also, we absolutely agree, smile>scar. We are so glad this girl decided to share her story and show off her scar, and we are so glad the internet is giving her the support she deserves.


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