This woman decided to wear a bikini to the beach for the first time and killed it

It’s ingrained in us from a young age that our bodies should look a certain way. These societal standards that every girl’s body are supposed to fit are ridiculous because everyone is built differently. And that’s never more apparent then when the weather warms up and we hit the dreaded bikini season.

Jazzmyne Jay constantly compared herself to her friends and idolized their figures. She never felt completely comfortable in her own skin. Like so many women, she believed that bikinis weren’t for her, but finally, she realized it was time to change that core belief.

Jazzmyne decided she wanted to wear a bikini. If a girl bigger than her would ask if she should wear a bikini, Jazzmyne would of course say yes, but to herself, she always said no! She decided that she was going to finally go for it and declare to the world that she loves herself and her body.

While it was uncomfortable at first, Jazzmyne admitted that once she finally relaxed, she felt wonderful!

She even posted on Instagram and even though she recognized there were some haters out there, on the whole, the responses she got were positive. Jazzmyne didn’t let the few negative comments faze her. Instead, she says she’s now ready to tackle all kinds of swimsuits.

In this day and age, it’s so uplifting to see women appreciate who they are, inside and OUT. The full video is below. Warning: may possibly cry happy tears!

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